Speakers:Zhang, Yanbing
Position:Huawei UC Product Director
Topic:Mobile Collaboration, Release Your Potential Huawei eSpace UC/Collaboration Solution
Speakers:Liu, Bin
Position:Cisco, UC/Collaboration Director
Topic:Post-PC Era UC Workspace
Speakers:Genan Zhao
Position:Microsoft MS Workpower Director
Topic:MS Workpowe—People-Oriented
Speakers:Shaobo, Li
Position:Genband VP China
Topic:New Age Blended Communications Services for Consumers and Business
Speakers:Michael li
Position:Acme Packet Country Manager
Topic:SBC’s Significance for Multimedia Communications
Speakers:Fan, Qiyong
Position:Shanghai Bureau of Healthcare CIO
Topic:ICT at Bureau of Healthcare
Speakers:Zhong, Qiaohong
Position:Tianping Insurance AVP, Channels BU
Topic:Insurance CRM Application Discussion
Speakers:Sun, Kaiyu
Position:ZTE Cloud & IT Marketing Director
Topic:Trend Under the Cloud Environment
Speakers:Gao, Zhimin
Position:Telecom ECP BU GM
Topic:Converged Communications – Based Social Communications Systems
Speakers:Chen, Huihao
Position:VP, BU
Topic:ICT Case Studies
Speakers:Yang, Chuanhong
Position:Huawei, Director of Solution
Topic:Innovation & Collaboration for the Future Solution
Speakers:Gao, Shuangji
Position:Cisco, Consultant
Topic:Web2.0 Applied on Agents
Speakers:Harry Xiao
Position:Aspect, Key Account Director
Topic:of the New Era
Speakers:Liang, Zhaozuo
Position:Cisco, Chief Consultant for Carrier Collaboration
Topic:Enjoying Multimedia Switching from the Cloud
Speakers:Zhang, Jie
Position:Vidyo, Technical Manger
Topic:Brand New Video Experience in the Cloud Era
Speakers:Haibing, Chen
Position:Gensee CEO
Topic:Cloud Video Platform Case Study
Speakers:Li, Dong
Position:Huawei, Chief Engineer, UC&C Telepresence
Topic:One World, One Team Huawei Video Solution
Speakers:Wang, Li
Position:Cisco, Video Product Director
Topic:Let Video Be the New Voice
Speakers:Han, Jianting
Position:Telecom, Director Engineer, Public Services
Topic:Mobile Internet & Converged Communications
Speakers:Li, Zhengkun
Position:Shanghai Bureau of Telecom, President
Topic:Great Potential for Carrier VAS
Position:Huawei telecom enterprise product director
Topic:Huawei cloud outsourced call centers